Egor Protskó  —  cinematographer

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SHORT FILM        DVA (33 min.)   Trailer #2   Trailer #1

The film describes the invisible boundary between two states: the premonition of the disaster and the living in it. Also this story conveys the Russian unshakeable interest in mysticism and miracles. During the inexplicable state of emergency in Moscow, a lonely young man is trying to find his missing dog and to figure out what is truly going on.

Director: Alexandra Karelina
Production Company: Stereotactic

International Film Festival Rotterdam
Chiayi International Art Doc Film Festival
Brive Film Festival
Pesaro film festival
Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin
Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival
Image Forum Festival Tokyo
Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de La Plata Festifreak
Voices Vologda

Moinho Cine Fest
Commercial       Without Any Adventures

Director: Gina Onegina
Production Company: Stereotactic

A story about the troubles that buyers may encounter when purchasing an apartment. The director and my idea were to make all elements analog, without resorting to computer graphics. However, computer graphics were still used, primarily for cleanups.


Commercial      McDonalds / Local is Better

Director: Ilya Soloviev
Production Company: Filmservice

Local is better. That's why 99% of all McDonald's ingredients come from local suppliers.


Commercial      Tinkoff Bank / Buttons

Director: Andzej Gavriss
Production Designer: Julija Fricsone Gavriss
Production Company: Park

One more button for those who want to earn.

Commercial      iPhone 12

Director: Ilya Cherepitsa
Production Company: Stereotactic


Musics video        Scrip - Trilogy  Kolesa  Yak II

Director: Medet
Production Company: PBC

A trilogy of music videos for the artist Scriptonite. A metaphorical visualization of the dangers of drugs.

Musics video       URUS / Eldzhey x Rakhim

Director: Aitore Zholdaskali
Production Company: Fmt.Jetlag


Commercial      Spotify

Director: Felix Umarov
Production Company: Spot

Musics video       TESNO

Director: Nikita Vilchinski
Creative Director: Sobersasha
Production Company: Aimer Creative

SHORT FILM        HOW TO BEHAVE (12 min.)

"How To Behave" is a short film about a foreshadowed trauma that turned out to be a transformative experience. A nameless girl gazes into the frail world, and a blow beyond all bearing forces her to change. Symbolic footage brings about a deep plunge into sensory experience of change, loss, pain, and trust. “How to behave” is a classic drama, which is unfolded by indirect signs of the events.

Director: Alexandra Karelina

Lausanne Underground Film Music Festival 2018: Best Short Fiction Film Award
Le Guess Who? 2020
Image Forum Tokyo